outdoor stadium lighting

The standard of illumination proposed by the stadium is slightly higher than the national standard this is based on the following two points:

 (1) To meet the requirements of the color TV sets for major competitions; the best vertical illumination of a TV camera is 800-1000LX. According to the present technical means and the way of cloth lamp, the ratio of vertical illumination to horizontal illumination is generally 1. : 1.5-2.5, according to which the horizontal illumination is 1500Lx, the vertical illumination is 1000Lx illuminance standard. 

(2) To adapt to the different illumination requirements of stadium lighting and determine the level of illumination of 1500LX, is conducive to the flexible setting or adjustment of different stadium lighting and illuminance level, better reflect the features of the Comprehensive museum multi-functional. 

2. Illuminance Quality requirements: In addition to the basic requirements for the stadium flood lights, other such as illuminance of the balance, three-dimensional sense of light color, color temperature requirements, glare and stroboscopic control is also a measure of illuminance quality is an important indicator. High-quality 1000w led stadium lighting can enable athletes to focus on the full play of competitive level, so that the audience has a relaxed and good visual environment. In particular, can ensure high-quality television broadcast, so that the picture clear and realistic.

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