swimming pool lighting

According to CIE’s recommendations and our national standard, taking into account the need for the ordinary competition, the swimming pool lighting design average level of illumination of 300LX, the water pool surface is 1 lx. 

The natatorium roof is a semi-circular roof, the center height is m, the suitable light source has halogen tungsten lamp, high intensity gas discharge lamp and low pressure sodium lamp, Through the technical and economic comparison of several lamps (see table 1), low-pressure sodium lamp color is very poor, not suitable for indoor swimming pool lighting, while halogen tungsten lamp color is good, but the light efficiency is low and short life, does not meet the requirements of green lighting, so the Natatorium hall design using HID lamps.

As the outdoor window of the swimming pool is insulated-tinted windows (the form is plated with a layer of dark insulating film), natural light is insufficient and the daytime needs to be supplemented by artificial illumination.

By comparing the performance parameters of several HID lamps, the metal halide lamp temperature is 5 K, which is especially suitable for the indoor environment with insufficient daylighting, so the metal halide lamp is designed as the main illumination source of the swimming hall.

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