requirement for gas station canopy lights

Gas station canopy lights, petroleum canopies and gas pumps provide better light quality than metal halide fixtures and have longer rate life and less power consumption for more energy and cost savings.

When many construction parties received the drawings, they found that there were letters and numbers in the lamp column. This included everything in the whole lamp.

There were also many projects to bid, so the price budget was not much. The price of the luminaire is not explosion-proof, so there is no way to accept, but the price of the explosion-proof lamp is beyond the budget, so it is troublesome.

  Last year, a customer in Guangdong was like this. When he bids, he used the explosion-proof lamp instead, because he was also able to pass the acceptance, and there was a Changsha customer last night. Although he was not bidding, he was lighting I don’t know much about it. I am a lighting salesperson. I can explain it to you.

When we have the words BPC9720IIBT4IP65 on the drawings, you can separate them to understand, BPC9720 refers to the model of a lamp, IIB refers to the explosion-proof grade of this gas station canopy lights, T4 refers to the maximum temperature of this lamp, IP65 refers to The degree of protection of this lamp, certainly many people ask what the degree of protection is, that is to say, waterproof, dustproof, these, just like our mobile phone, if you stick a little water, it is definitely nothing, if the water is too much, it will not work, then That is, the protection level is relatively low, and IP65 can be used outdoors, and the rain does not matter.

  There is another one that suits you. Why? From the phone I received last night, the design gave him a metal halide lamp. Then the metal halide lamp has some shortcomings. He may know it, and it may be designed. Time is for budget, but not to users here, because metal halide lamps are not as good as LEDs in terms of power consumption and durability, and there is also an explosion-proof grade. He is on IIB, if strict requirements, gas stations and gas stations All need IIC level,

  The general gas station we recommend the gas station LED explosion-proof lamp 100W, but it is different from the IIB he requested. Our lamp is IIC class. He will address these problems. In fact, we know that our lamps will know that there are three in the explosion-proof lamp class. One IIA.IIB.IIC, so the luminaire manufacturer directly made the highest level, so it covered the following levels, so the use of IIC explosion-proof lamps at the gas station is completely ok.

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