explosion proof flood light

ATEX-certified explosion-proof flood light is a special form of lamps. The built-in light source generates high heat while emitting light. Whether it can efficiently dissipate the heat of the lamps and lanterns, and determines the stability of the ATEX-certified explosion proof flood light, therefore the hot designer. 

To ensure the normal working life of the light source and the important work of maintaining the normal and safe work of the luminaire, the smaller the volume, the better, and the lighter the better the weight, the better and the lighter the better the light fittings, use, maintenance and transportation. However, from the standpoint of lamp work stability, the lamp requires a certain size, ie, a lamp with a large cavity volume/heat dissipation area is smaller than a cavity volume/heat area with a good heat dissipation effect. However, because ATEX-certified explosion-proof lamps are closed lamps, it is difficult to dissipate the heat from the light source, and the temperature rise of the lamp parts increases. 

Therefore, the quality of the explosion-proof lamps for interior components is also safe, efficient, normal, and stable. Job guarantee. The high-temperature stability requirements of the built-in components: ATEX certified low price explosion-proof flood light should meet the requirements of on-site use and lighting, and they must have high-stability internal components. Because explosion-proof luminaires are relatively closed, components are required to be able to withstand high temperatures in the first place. Long-term stable work, ie high temperature stability. 

For example, for 100w bracket mount ATEX explosion proof flood light for gas discharge lamps of inductive ballasts, because of the structure of explosion-proof lamps, ordinary civilian ballasts cannot be directly installed and used, and should be specially customized according to the working environment of explosion-proof lamps by professional manufacturers. By calculating the cross-sectional area of the inductor winding appropriately, the working heat is reduced and the design life is improved. Built-in components should also meet and obtain the corresponding CCC certificate.

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