golf course lighting

Although the construction of golf course lighting has a lot of necessity, but in the early inspection we also learned that there are some lighting ball because there is no selection of suitable lighting products to make the stadium illumination effect is not ideal, resulting in low utilization or even normal use, so there are the following points to overcome, in the selection of equipment to 1.

Overflow pollution light and glare control as a result of golf venues around the establishment of clubs, hotel and Villa area, while the night to open the light of the surrounding environment will produce light pollution, so in the design to take into account the impact of the surrounding environment, in the lighting equipment to select the requirements of the lamp itself with special glare, The overflow light control device is used to reduce the damage of the field light pollution.

Energy-saving control a standard golf course lighting overall power consumption is usually around 450KW, a 1300-degree night-electricity consumption, such as the ability to choose a high-performance energy-saving lighting products, can effectively reduce power consumption, will give the ball will save a lot of expenses.

The shorter the life, the greater the light decay, if the stadium illuminance level can not be sustained and stable, it is bound to bring great damage to the quality of the ball, and the replacement of an imported high power metal halide light source costs close to 2000 yuan, so choose a long life, the use of light decline small lighting products is particularly important, At the same time require manufacturers to provide preferential replacement of light source for priority 4;

long time quality guarantee golf lighting stadium using high power metal halide lamp products if the quality of instability or the use of voltage instability will cause failure, so require the contractor to provide long time quality assurance, Similarly, if the manufacturer can directly provide long time quality guarantee is preferred.

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