1000W LED stadium lighting

Lighting requirements of led stadium lighting, lighting and energy-saving emphasis on the use of reasonable lighting programs and efficient lighting devices to reduce the line loss and good lighting control.Physical buildings are lighting large building projects, from the energy-saving sense, Only compare the initial investment costs, rather than the minimum operating costs based on the choice of lighting design is not a reasonable design, should be based on specific circumstances, the initial investment and operating costs to be considered synthetically.

Stadium lighting construction, for the International Standard Tennis Court Spotlights and 94% floodlight focused on the stadium for the game purposes, the remaining 6% for the general auxiliary lighting, elevation of less than 70 degrees designed to reduce the impact of athletes by the glare, aluminum die-casting, high-purity aluminum imports Reflector. Suitable for use in standard tennis courts and other balls or where light mixing is required.

Stadium lighting construction, the design of the stadium, the athlete to accurately determine the ball road, height and placement, the first is to maximize the use of natural light, the effect of natural light is the best, of course, to prevent glare, can not let Strong light direct or reflected in the eyes, followed by the stability of the increase of illumination and the uniformity of the distribution, etc. This not only for the athletes achieved excellent results, but also accurate judgment of the referee and the appreciation of the audience are very important.

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