ping pong table lighting

An important part of any home table tennis room is the lighting. It’s not much fun playing in a dim, dark, dingy dungeon where you expect Dracula to rise up from under the table any second!

The amount of lighting you will need to enjoy playing ping-pong at home depends on several factors, such as the seriousness of your play, whether you are training or playing with other people or using a robot, the color of your walls and surrounds, and the existence of any other distracting light sources. Let’s have a look at these issues one by one.

In order to improve the design quality of the ping pong table lighting, it is necessary to ensure the lighting of stadiums meet the requirements of function. Must choose good lamps and lanterns, the premise must know some of the stadium design requirements and specifications, so Razorlux lighting summarized as follows:

1, lighting installation height of the stadium, light should be used metal halide lamps, 

2, the roof is lower, the smaller area of indoor sports venues, it is advisable to use straight tube fluorescent lamp and small power metal halide lamp;      

3, the light source power and the competition field size, installation position and height, outdoor stadium should use high-power and medium power metal halide lamp, indoor stadium should use medium power halide lamp;

4, the light source should have the appropriate color temperature, good color rendering, high light effect, long life and stable photoelectric characteristics. Small training venues, not used for competition in public places related to color temperature can be less than 3300K, the game should be the size of 3300 middle color or greater than 5300 cool colors. 

Lighting installation and layout can be consulted in detail Ming Tai Lighting, a professional engineering staff design and installation location, illuminance calculation and so on. Table tennis Professional Lighting features, specialized functional color agents, low-power, low heat, high brightness, high light effect, no noise, no strobe, lighting range, glare, energy saving and environmental protection, long life and so on features! Now the table tennis lighting must choose a good energy-saving lamps, so direct operating costs are also reduced a lot.

The use of high light efficiency lighting lamps not only greatly improve the quality of lighting, but also can directly save more than 50% electricity, saving energy-saving equipment investment more than 50%, lamp life longer, more luminous efficiency, maintenance costs less, economic operation cost is lower, investment return period of more short-term economic benefits to maximize. Table Tennis Lighting Professional lighting manufacturers preferred Razorlux lighting, light effect, high illumination!

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