badminton court lighting design

What are the requirements of badminton court lighting design? How high is the general stadium lighting to be installed? 

The height of the badminton court arena is different, and the installed LED badminton lights are also different. The actual lighting effects are also different. In general, most of the arenas around 3-6 meters use row of lights because of their lower height, they can take care of the coverage of row lights, and the lower cost is also a consideration.

The badminton halls over 6 meters do not recommend the use of row lights. On the one hand, the row lights have a higher light decay rate, shorter lighting service life, higher replacement rate, and frequent replacement; in addition, more than 6 meters of ball pool installation rows The lights affect the empty space above the arena and reduce the level of the arena. Over 6 meters of badminton halls, chandeliers are recommended, but not all lights are suitable for chandeliers.

There are many types of pendant lamps, such as LED lamps, metal halide lamps, and electrodeless lamps. Many badminton players do not like the chandelier’s gypsophila layout. They mainly think that the chandeliers are too dazzling and they cannot look up. This is mainly because the arena uses badminton court led lighting or metal halide lamps as lighting lights, and LED lights and metal halide lamps are point light sources.

Strong light can affect the judgment of badminton players on badminton flight trajectories and routes, under bright light. Long-term exposure can also cause eye damage. Therefore, it is generally recommended that chandeliers be used in arenas that exceed 12 meters in height. The light coverage of the arena is high and the illumination is high.

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