Explosion proof portable led lighting

Explosion-proof led lighting type structure and type Flameproof lamp explosion-proof form, mainly in the product structure, specifically with a certain flameproof joint or flameproof thread, through a whole flameproof shell, to withstand The explosion pressure of the explosive mixture that may be generated inside the luminaire prevents the well from propagating to the surrounding explosive mixture to achieve explosion-proof purposes. 

Explosion proof portable led lighting, applicable to incandescent lamps, halogen lamps, fluorescent lamps (including compact fluorescent lamps), high-pressure mercury lamps, high-pressure sodium lamps, self-ballasted high-pressure mercury lamps and metal halide lamps .

Its structural characteristics must first have a flameproof enclosure capable of withstanding the explosion strength test specified in GB3836. This integral flameproof enclosure includes, in principle, a lamp body component that must be constructed of a metallic material and a solid structure equipped therewith. The lampshade and other transparent parts are two parts. Depending on the shape of the light source and the distribution of the light emitters, common flameproof lighting fixtures can generally be classified as vertical fixtures equipped with gas discharge lamp sources such as incandescent lamps and high-pressure mercury lamps, and horizontal lamps equipped with straight-tube fluorescent bulbs. Two basic types of lamps. 

The common elements are the lamp body, transparent parts, seals, lamp holders, internal reflectors, and external light umbrellas. And a good flameproof lamp. The determination is mainly to have a reasonable structure of the lamp body and matching flameproof joints, transparent parts that can withstand the impact test and thermal shock test, and to fix the lamp body and the transparent parts with rubber seals with strong anti-aging ability. It is equipped with a lamp holder with reliable electrical properties.

By designing a reasonable internal reflector and an external lamp umbrella, the luminous flux of the lamp’s internal light source is radiated to the outside of the lamp through the transparent part to the maximum, giving the ideal lighting effect in explosion areas. How to organically combine these components and layout a reasonable, this is the key to the design and development of explosion proof led high bay lighting at present and in the future.

Basic requirements for flameproof enclosures for lamps and lanterns For explosion-proof lamps, flameproof enclosures are the key components of this type of flameproof explosion-proof electrical equipment, so the flameproof enclosure must meet the general requirements and special requirements for flameproof performance

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