ice hockey stadium lighting

The ice hockey stadium lighting is designed to ensure that athletes and spectators in the game can track fast-moving athletes, see the athlete’s detail movement, the ice sports match must have the high illumination level, especially in the large-scale gymnasium, because the spectator is far away from the sports field, in order to be able to see the game, especially must see the small detail movement, Ice sports require a high level of illumination. 

The visibility of a moving object depends on the size, speed and brightness of the object, its background brightness and ambient brightness.

The arrangement of the led hockey lights is special, the lighting arrangement and the direction of light projection have a decisive influence on the illumination quality. The common ice sports venues are decorated with top layout, lateral arrangement of two sides, mixed arrangement and indirect illumination arrangement four different.

Lighting Design

1.Top arrangement: The top arrangement should choose symmetrical lighting, suitable for the main use of low space, on the ground level illuminance uniformity requirements higher, and no television broadcast requirements of the stadium.

2. Two lateral arrangement: the lateral illumination system can solve the problem that the condensation droplets drop to the ice surface well, and the side cloth lamp is easier to maintain, has the good vertical illumination, the object three-dimensional sense is good, and is more apt to meet the television broadcast and the film request. The side cloth lamp system is more suitable for the speed skating movement.

3. Mixed arrangement: It is advisable to choose a variety of hockey arena LED lighting, suitable for large-scale comprehensive gymnasium, lighting fixtures, see the top layout and the two sides of the arrangement.

4. Indirect illumination arrangement: Indirect lighting fixture layout should be used with medium-wide light Cong lamps, suitable for the lower layer, large span and good roof reflection conditions of the building space, but also applicable to the glare limit more stringent and no TV broadcast requirements of the stadium, not suitable for hanging lamps and the structure of the MA Dao.

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