led street lighting bulbs

The new modular design of the street light LED retrofit kits has a stable and generous appearance. The main structure adopts an aeronautical cooling fin-type aluminum structure. The end cap is a die-cast aluminum surface with anti-corrosion treatment. The top of the lamp body adopts a special dust-proof treatment technology, multi-top technology and superiority. Thermal, optical performance, humanized installation in one product.

We hope that through the above brief introduction, we can help all consumer groups and business users to better master the standards and related requirements for lighting LED street lamps, and then rationalize the design and installation of LED lamps in the process of design, installation, construction and operation. Maximize the efficiency, provide a more effective lighting system for the common people.

There is also to understand the general led street lighting interval is how many meters? There are standards, some are required to achieve the illuminance value, there is no rigid requirement, in general, the street lamp interval and lamp pole height and wattage of the lamp head. 60-watt LED lamp head, about 6 meters lamp poles, 15-18 meters apart; 8 meters lamp poles spaced 20-24 meters, 12 meters lamp poles 32-36 meters.

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