outdoor volleyball court lighting

In the design of outdoor volleyball court lighting design, should choose to both meet the requirements of use function and lighting quality, and convenient for installation and maintenance, low operating cost over a long period of lamps and lanterns, specific should consider the following aspects:

(1) optical characteristics, such as light distribution and glare control;

(2) economy, such as lamp efficiency, initial investment, and long-term operating expenses;

(3) special environmental conditions, such as fire and explosion hazards, dust, humidity, vibration and chemical corrosion;

(4) The volleyball court lighting shall be in harmony with the building;

(5) High efficiency of lamps and lanterns (eta): eta = Φ L/Φ O, depends on reflecting the shape and material, the light outlet size, diffuse cover or grille shape, and materials;

(6) the IP level that meets the environmental conditions.

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