table tennis lighting

Table tennis, is a world popular ball sports, but also the national ball of the People’s Republic of China. Many people like this ball game, table tennis is divided into indoor table tennis and outdoor table tennis. So what kind of light should we choose for table tennis lighting?

Table tennis is one of the most responsive and focused sports, so it is also the highest requirement for lighting standards. 

It is very important to choose a bright and not dazzling table tennis special lamp. Generally in the arena design requirements, the first consideration to the MESA Illuminance and the sports area illumination ratio can not be less than 50%, namely: Mesa average illuminance is not less than 500LX, motor areas illuminance should be greater than 250LX for good.       

In the installation of lamps should be as far as possible to avoid glare exposure, in the installation height, lamp position layout, background wall, should pay attention to the effective control of glare.  

How to install the professional high efficiency table tennis lighting of table tennis? 

Lamp position installation height should be more than 3 meters, such as to meet the table illumination of more than 500LX, the higher the lamp position is better.      

(can effectively reduce glare) the characteristics of professional table tennis lamps, specialized functional color agents, low-power, low heat, high brightness, high light effect, no noise, no strobe, lighting range, glare, energy saving and environmental protection, long service life, etc. Now table tennis court lighting must choose a good energy-saving lamps, so direct operating costs are also reduced a lot. 

The use of high efficiency lighting lamps not only greatly improve the quality of lighting, but also can directly save more than 50% electricity, saving energy-saving equipment investment more than 50%, lamp life longer, more luminous efficiency, maintenance costs less, economic operation cost is lower, investment return period shorter economic benefits. Led Table Tennis Lighting, Professional lighting manufacturers preferred Razorlux lighting, light effect, high illumination!

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