High mast led fixtures

High mast led fixtures that we usually say are actually very different depending on their use. The classification and the name of the pole lights vary according to different occasions. For example, for piers, they are called high mast lights. Squares are called square pole pole lights. Named as port pole pole lights, airport pole lights, explosion-proof pole lights, stainless steel pole lights, etc. It is generally believed that lampposts exceeding 15 meters are called pole lights ranging from 15 to 40 meters. 

The most commonly used are 15 meters, 18 meters, 20 meters, 25 meters, and 30 meters. Others are generally designed by customers to design a specific height, this is what we often say by the height of the pole lamp. It consists of a lamp cap, internal lighting electrical, rod body and basic parts. Lamp shape can be based on user requirements, the surrounding environment, lighting needs and specific; internal lamps and floodlights, floodlights, NG400 high pressure sodium light source, lighting radius of 60 meters.

The use of led high mast luminaires: city squares, stations, docks, freight yards, highways, stadiums, overpasses.

High mast lamp configuration;

1. The poles are octagonal or dodecagonal tapered rods, which are cut, bent, and automatically welded by high-strength and high-quality steel plates. The heights are generally 25, 30, 35, etc., and the maximum design wind resistance is 6 0 m/s, each specification consists of 3 to 4 plugs. With flanged steel chassis, diameter 1 to 1.2 meters, thickness 30 mm to 40 mm.

2. The main function of the framework structure, there are also mainly decorative materials to steel through, steel-based, lampposts, lamp pan hot dip galvanized.

3. Electric lift system consists of electric motor, hoist, three groups of hot dip galvanized wire rope and cable. The lamp post is installed inside the body, and the lifting speed is 3 to 5 meters per minute.

4. The guiding and unloading system consists of a guide wheel and a guide arm to ensure that the lamp pan does not move laterally during lifting. When the lamp pan is lifted into position, the lamp pan can be automatically detached and locked by a hook.

5. The lighting electrical system is set up with 6-24 watts (1100) gold halide (white light), flood light, and flood light fixtures. The computer time controller can automatically control the switch light time and partial illumination or full illumination.

6. Lightning Protection System: A 1.5 m long lightning rod is installed at the top of the lamp, and a 1 m long grounding wire is installed at the underground foundation and welded with the underground bolt.

All the lamps and lanterns of the lifting pole lamp are sealed to IP65 international standard to prevent dust and rain from immersing and ensure the service life of the bulb. The material of the lamps and lanterns is generally made of aluminum alloy plate and stainless steel with good corrosion resistance.

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