led stadium lighting

Light is bright, and just as important, there is light. Mere multicolored wives the creator of the world. The principle of visual physiology reveals that led flood light energy acts on the visual organs of human eyes, not only can it produce bright sense in visual perception system, but also can produce color sense. 

In the visual state, the brightness corresponds to the intensity of the light energy, and the color sense corresponds to the wavelength of the light energy. There have been a lot of indoor badminton hall lighting cases show that: in the same venue illumination, with high color index stadium lighting venues, its lighting effect is much higher than the use of the lower color index of the metal halide light lighting effect. 

The mechanism is: the color index of the stadium lighting, its spectral energy distribution structure reasonable science, irradiation to the flying sphere surface, the sphere surface reflected light brightness and color color of the real degree of increased significantly, so that in the visual perception of a higher sense of brightness and color. 

4. The high power led stadium lights of indoor venues should be sunlight-colored sun light, which radiates to the ground after filtration through the atmosphere. The solar energy that radiates to the ground mainly has three parts, ultraviolet light, visible light and infrared light. Ultraviolet and infrared light energy human eye is invisible, the human eye can see is the visible spectrum part.

5. Indoor sports venues lighting should be energy-saving indoor badminton, table tennis, basketball, volleyball, tennis and other sports venues lighting, should be the pursuit of economic and technical objectives, with the most reasonable investment in the stadium lighting and the minimum operating costs, to achieve the brightest, clear, real, comfortable lighting quality.

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