wholesale led stadium lighting

Comprehensive stadium competition is mainly for track and field, football and other venues, lighting design standards are:

 (1) Manual lighting guide: FIFA. The standard includes competition grading, lighting requirements, recommended value of illumination parameters, site illumination measurement, etc., which is the most complete and newest standard in the field of artificial lighting. The standard was applied in the 2002 Korea-Japan World Cup competition. 

(2) Wholesale Led Stadium Lighting Guide for multi-functional Indoor stadiums: International Federation (GAISF), European Broadcasting Union (EBU). The standard introduced the high definition color television broadcast (HDTV) clause for the first time, and the illumination standard was further improved. However, HDTV is still in the development phase, so the requirements are based on the knowledge and experience available at the time; compared with other standards and specifications, HDTV also needs an emergency system to provide minimal emergency TV lighting. 

(3) Guide to the lighting of sports items with color TV relay and movie system: International Lighting Commission (CIE) 83rd. CIE83 Technical documents focus on the requirements of color television camera illumination, but also on the television camera and film camera requirements of the different points to be explained. 

(4) Guidelines for the determination of photometric requirements for sports lighting installations: International Lighting Commission (CIE), 67th. l986, the International Lighting Commission CIE4.4 Committee, developed the CIE67 technical document. The purpose of this report is to establish standard procedures for the reporting of calculations, measurements and lighting characteristics of indoor and outdoor sports lighting installations. 

(5)Wholesale stadium lighting: International Lighting Commission (CIE) 57th. l983 International Lighting Committee has promulgated the field lighting standard (lighting for footbal1), the CIE57 technical document. The standard is the field of light lighting guidance documents, applicable to the training ground to the stadium with bleachers.

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