commercial outdoor led flood light fixtures

The importance and content of china commercial led flood lights

 In recent years, commercial buildings with shopping, hotel, and office functions have become an important symbol of urban modernization and have rapidly emerged in first and second-tier cities and even third and fourth-tier cities. These commercial buildings form a new image of the city and new landmarks. While promoting the image of the city, there is a homogenous competitive relationship. Unique commercial architectural lighting designs often add bright spots to commercial buildings and enhance their commercial competitiveness.

 Design Principles of Commercial Outdoor Led Flood Light Fixtures

Facade lighting design of commercial buildings should reflect integrity and artistry

First of all, the lighting design of commercial flood lights should be coordinated with the surrounding environment, coordinated with the style of the buildings, and have a strong integrity. Second, in addition to fully understanding the concept of architectural design, we must use the uniqueness of the light and shadow of light to give a commercial design language of art.

The design should be based on different lighting design

Commercial building interior space is usually composed of public transportation space, atrium space, specialty stores, department stores, dining and entertainment space. The diversity of architectural functions places higher demands on lighting design.

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