green lighting

LED flood lights are the concept of green lighting through the design of scientific lighting, the use of high light efficiency, long life, safety and stable performance of lighting electrical products (electric light, lamp accessories, lamps, wiring equipment, as well as dimming controller and light control devices) to improve people’s work, learning.

 The conditions and quality of life, thereby creating an efficient, comfortable, safe, economical, beneficial environment and fully embodies the modern civilization of illumination. The illumination project must carry out the sustainable development strategy, puts the economy in the first place, enhances the resource utilization efficiency. Because the green illumination can save the electric energy, saves the electric energy to protect the environment to have the important significance. 

Green lighting Project Content Green Lighting Project Basic 

content: Energy-saving, high efficiency, comfort, safety is beneficial to the environment. Specifically, the green lighting project through the use of novel and efficient energy-saving new light source and electronic ballast, advanced energy-saving controller, novel high-quality materials of the reflector instead of poor quality of the reflector, optimized switch controller to replace the backward switch, in different occasions, the use of advanced lighting and reasonable structure of electricity-saving technology In order to save the electricity of high mast led flood light, reduce the pollution of electricity generation to the environment, save the energy and protect the ecological balance, is a system engineering with energy saving as the core.

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