type of marine led flood lights

First, the marine lighting is divided into common lighting and emergency lighting. Emergency lighting is required for important locations and escape routes on board ships.

When the main generator loses power, it can provide illumination through the emergency generator. Each road illumination is from the Illumination Electric board to go out, its circuit protection switch is in the Illumination Electric board. In addition the lighting of the dangerous area on board is to be explosion-proof. 

Due to the long sailing time, and the crew’s activity space relative to the land is relatively small, closed, working environment is more difficult, the environment color with monotonous, so the marine led flood lights on the crew’s psychological and physiological effects can not be neglected.

While the ship is sailing for a long time on the surface, often meet the bad weather, the ship has long been in high salinity, high humidity, and a variety of different vibration of the environment, and different uses of the ships have their own special requirements, so the marine lighting equipment than terrestrial lighting in the reliability and maintainability requirements are higher, and has a greater impact on people.

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