Explosion Proof Led Flood Lights

What are the working principles of explosion proof led flood lights

The most important thing of explosion proof lighting is explosion-proof, that explosion-proof lamps are how to achieve the explosion-proof function?

Explosion-proof lamps are divided into explosion-proof type, increase safety type, positive pressure type, no spark type and dust explosion-proof type of 5 main types, can also be by other explosion-proof type and the above types of explosion-proof type combination or complex type and special type. 

Our most common explosion-proof led lighting, widely used in coal, petroleum, chemical, electric power, smelting, steel and other explosion-proof lamp explosion-proof principle: The equipment may ignite the explosive gas mixture of the parts are closed in a shell, its shell can withstand any junctions or structural clearance through the shell, The combustible mixture penetrated inside the casing explodes without damage and ensures that the internal flame gas is transmitted through the gap to reduce energy and is not sufficient to detonate the gas in the casing. 

From the principle of explosion-proof, explosion proof light bulbs shell junctions or flameproof clearance is a key role. Explosion-proof junctions: In order to prevent the explosion of the inside of the shell to spread the explosive gas mixture, the various parts of the flameproof enclosure relative to the surface of the junctions. Explosion clearance: The distance between the junctions of the explosion and the relative surface. For the cylinder explosion-proof junctions, the radial clearance (diameter difference).

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