parts of the football field lighting

First, carefully review the drawings, familiarize yourself with and understand the structure of the lights of the football stadium, specify the purpose of maintenance, and prepare the required materials and tools in advance.

Second, check whether the mechanical components of the elevator football lighting are in good condition. Example: Whether the connection bolts of the various parts of the football field lighting are firm, whether the bearings are lubricated and so on. Note: Worn parts must be replaced promptly.

Third, check the worm gear reducer, safety coupling and clutch. Remove grease, add gear oil. Check the wear of the worm gear and replace it when the gear is thin or grooved. Safety couplings must not be easily loosened or adjusted.

Fourth, check whether the grounding system of the motor is firm and if any serious corrosion is found, remove the rust in time to prevent the situation from deteriorating.

Fifthly, carefully inspect the lock mother clips of the hoist wire ropes so that there are no defects such as broken heads, loose sleeves, etc. The wire ropes themselves will not suffer from such phenomena as bias, loose strands, broken wires, hard injuries, dents, rust, and obvious wear. Pay special attention to the clips for the rope separators and the wire ropes. In order to prevent the wire rope from rusting and to reduce the wear between the wire ropes and between the wire ropes and the reels and pulleys, a rust-proof grease may be applied to the wire rope with a bristled brush.

Sixth, carefully check the limit switch of the football stadium lighting, check whether the lifting of the football stadium lighting power cable is subject to pressure, folder, damage and other phenomena.

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