1000w led lights

LED Floodlights are now visible to many locals, LED Flood Lights especially on the stage. It can be seen at large events and concerts. Because its light source is suitable to adorn the personage and the close-up, its illumination plan can indulge in the adjustment, therefore is widely used on the stage.

LED Floodlight is the most widely used light source in the action diagram manufacture, and the standard floodlight is used to illuminate the whole scene. In the scene can use many floodlight, LED Flood Lights in order to take place good effect. The floodlight is the most widely used light source in the action diagram, LED Flood Lights which can be used in the scene to achieve a better effect by using many floodlight.

LED floodlight is from a specific point to each direction evenly shining objects, use it to analogy bulbs and candles best. LED floodlight can be placed in the scene of any local. For example, LED Flood Lights it can be placed outside the camera scheme, or inside an object. LED Flood Lights The use of many different colors of LED floodlight is very extensive in the interval of the scene. These led floodlight can be projected and mixed on the model. Because LED Floodlight lighting scheme is relatively large, LED Flood Lights so led floodlight light the role is very simple conjecture, and this light has a lot of adjuvant use, for example, the LED floodlight placed near the surface of the object, will be in the appearance of bright light.

Low current, LED floodlight light temperature rise is not obvious. If the ambient temperature is higher, the main wavelength of LED floodlight will be red shifted, LED Flood Lights the brightness will be reduced, the luminous uniformity, the consistency of the difference. The temperature rise of the extra lattice and large display screen has more obvious effect on the reliability and stability of LED floodlight. So the thermal solution is very crucial.

Chemical tempering is the ordinary flat glass or float glass through the ion exchange method, the glass surface composition changes, so that the glass surface forming a laminated stress layer processing. Good and bad identification: inspection smoothness, no bubbles, LED Flood Lights inclusions, scratches, lines and fog spots and other quality defects, the existence of such defects of glass, in use will occur deformation, reduce glass transparency, mechanical strength and thermal stability of glass.

Good or bad: through a microscope to see whether the chip is required manufacturers, chip size is the required chip. Chip, wafer, epitaxial tablets, film, LED Flood Lights based on led floodlight manufacturers tell you the origin and specifications to confirm good and bad. Generally, the quality of imported chips will be better than domestic chips. Large size chips are better than smaller chips.

Good or bad: the shell determines whether the product will heat up in the future, whether the light is in the normal range. Currently do led floodlight manufacturers, outsourcing kits and then assembled into, never considered product cooling problem. Some manufacturers in order to reduce the cost, LED Flood Lights in the aluminum is very demanding, the use of some waste to act. LED Flood Lights Because the customer has no way to distinguish between good and bad aluminum, the best way to identify the quality of the purchase of regular manufacturers to ensure the production of products. In addition, the thickness and weight of the casing are also a standard for judging its quality.

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