LED lamp bead

What details should be paid attention when soldering LED lamp beads?

1, lamp holder solder paste to increase enough to avoid the Weld, leak welding, solder joint solder shortage (welding); 

2, LED lamp bead process must wear Electrostatic ring, the iron must be grounded, in order to avoid static electricity and other human breakdown or damage LED lamp beads.

3, pay attention to distinguish the positive and negative LED lamp beads of high power led flood light, LED feet larger iron labeled “-” for the LED lamp beads negative; 

4, high temperature heating time should not be too long, 155 ℃, the time should be roasted in about 1 minute; 

5, pilot lamp beads magnifier border a small amount of melting; 

6, magnifying glass to be flat, put steady, cup cover and lamp cup shell screws to be flat.

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