What does explosion proof lighting mean

Question 1, what is explosion-proof?

In fact, “explosion-proof” can be simply understood according to the meaning of the word, that is, to prevent the explosion; in the deeper level, it means to resist the impact of the explosion and heat without loss, and can work normally; in addition, it can be understood that the explosion-proof lamps themselves have The external gas isolation function puts all the light source appliances into the protective lamp housing to realize the explosion-proof luminaire.

Question 2, what is the light?

“Light” means that it is a kind of lighting equipment. This is a kind of understanding method very early. At present, due to the appearance of explosion-proof lamps, the lamps are not only used for lighting functions, but also have protective functions, such as explosion proof lighting LED. It is waterproof, dustproof, anti-corrosive and explosion-proof. Generally speaking, we must use LED explosion proof lights when there are gas dust dangerous places in gas stations, oil depots, oil fields, factories and workshops.

Question 3. What is an explosion proof lighting?

Speaking of explosion-proof lamps, it can be easily understood as a lamp that can prevent explosions. Do you think that only the gas environment is used? In fact, because our explosion-proof lamps are also used in dusty environments, because there are fine particles in the air, when these fine dusts come into contact with Mars or open flames, it will cause fire and explosion accidents, and our explosion-proof lamps prevent internal generation. The arc and spark ignite the dust particles floating in the air to achieve an explosion-proof effect.

Question 4. What is an LED explosion-proof lighting?

Many people may think that the word is very simple, it is difficult to explain in detail; LED is the core of explosion-proof lamps, because LED is a solid-state cold light source, that is, LED, no LED light source will not shine of. Then the LED explosion-proof lamp is mainly the LED light source, also known as the light-emitting diode; currently, the Asahi ball pushes the Corey, Purui and Samsung LED light sources.

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