explosion proof led high bay lighting

Chemical plants belong to flammable and explosive places, of course, to install explosion-proof lighting. Is it good to install LED light source, or is it a gold halide lamp? 

We are now to analyze, do a comparison: chemical plant explosion proof led high bay lighting selection: Many customers feel that led cost is higher, want to find cheaper lamps, such as metal halide lamp, in fact, the price of metal halide lamp is not necessarily lower than LED lights, such as 4 meters high chemical plant, at least to install a 150W metal halide lamp floodlight, The price must be over 500, and install led explosion-proof lamp, only need 50W is enough, even if the price is a little, also save electricity ah, and the metal halide lamp warranty is only 1 years, and LED is 3-5 years, not to save electricity, even if the labor cost installation fee is not simple, Therefore, the chemical plant to use lights or LED explosion-proof lamp is better.

The Quality of explosion proof led flood lights : Choose led explosion-proof lamp from the lamp shell thickness, light source, chip, glass and other aspects of inspection. In the procurement time must be polished glasses, lamp quality is good, no certificate is not good, because those inspection time to see the certificate, so in the procurement time must pay attention to see this lamp has no certificate.

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