LED Lifespan

LED makers often purpose to the superior period of LED lighting systems joined of the key advantages of these systems. No 2 LED systems, however, area unit identical. The approach that Associate in Nursing LED light-weight is built and made can have an effect on that light’s sturdiness and period. Solid engineering will extend the period of Associate in Nursing LED fixture by many years, leading to price savings and an improved come back on investment.

 There are four main factors that affect the life of LED lamps.

(1) Die quality is the primary condition for determining LED life

In the manufacturing process of LEDs, other impurity ion contamination, lattice defects and other processes will affect their life, so the use of high-quality LED die is the primary condition.

(2) Whether the post-process package is reasonable will affect the life of the LED

Whether the post-process packaging of the LED is reasonable will affect the life of the LED. At present, the world’s major companies such as Cree, Lumilends, Nichia and other high-level LED packages are patented. These companies have higher levels of post-process packaging requirements, and their LED life is guaranteed. However, most of the companies’ LED post-process packages have more imitations, and they can be seen from the appearance. The process structure and process quality are poor, which seriously affects the life of LEDs.

(3) Lighting design is a key issue affecting the life of LED lamps

A reasonable luminaire design In addition to other indicators of the luminaire, a key issue is to dissipate the heat generated by the LED lighting. Using high-quality LED originals from Cree and other companies on different luminaires, LED life can be several times or even dozens of times. For example, the integrated light source luminaires currently sold in the market (single 30 W, 50 W, 100 W), the light source and the heat sink channel contact parts of these products are not well cooled, resulting in some products causing light after lighting for 1-3 months. More than 50% decay, some products use a small power tube of about 0.07 W, because there is no reasonable heat dissipation mechanism, resulting in very fast light decay. These products are low in technical content, low in cost and short in life.

(4) Lamp power is critical to LED life

Whether the power supply of the luminaire is reasonable or not will also affect its life. Because the LED is a current-driven device, if the power supply current fluctuates greatly, or if the power supply spike has a high frequency, it will affect the life of the LED light source. The life of the power supply itself depends mainly on whether the power supply design is reasonable. Under the premise of reasonable power supply design, the life of the power supply depends on the life of the components.

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