Lighting Quality of Badminton Court Lighting

Influence Factors of Badminton Court Lighting Quality

1, illumination level: whether the illumination reached the standard. In general, the vertical illumination should be greater than 1/2 of the horizontal illumination. When the vertical illumination is equal to the horizontal illumination, the movement environment is the best.

  2, lighting uniformity: sports venue illumination is uniform. The uniformity of illumination is used to measure the visual conditions inside the venue. Uniformity refers to the venue should be able to be evenly irradiated, should not appear too bright or too dark areas, in order to provide good visual conditions for athletes, spectators, referees. For example, in the case of televised broadcast, the camera’s illumination can not vary widely when the camera captures the panorama of the competition area, otherwise camera exposure will result.

3, glare: glare is obvious. Glare is to evaluate the quality of the lighting is another important factor in the production of glare and lamp installation, installation height,

The number of lamps and the installation density, LED badminton light distribution with lamps and so on. When there is excessive brightness contrast in the field of view, people will feel dazzling, thus affecting people’s vision. If you look at the sun in the sunny afternoon, you will feel unable to open your eyes. This is the glare resulting from the high brightness.

Badminton field glare for the direct glare, due to the lower roof, when the movement of athletes when the light is very glare, a long time the eyes uncomfortable, seriously affecting the athletes to observe the movement of the ball.

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