LED Streetlights

LED street lights are everywhere in life now, so in the end how to choose the quality of good LED lights? 

  1. Lighting system design unreasonable optical design, if the lighting system design is unreasonable, lighting effect is not ideal. Test will appear “light”, “Light Black”, “Zebra crossing”, “uneven illuminance”, “Yellow circle” and so on.

2. Thermal design of poor heat dissipation design, LED Chip PN Junction temperature of 10 degrees per increase, semiconductor device life will be a multiple decline. Because of the high brightness of wholesale Led Street Lighting, the use of the environment is more stringent, if the thermal solution is not good, will quickly lead to aging, stability reduction. 

3. Power supply fault-driven power supply, if there is a fault, testing and testing process, will appear “whole lamp out”, “partial damage”, “individual LED lamp bead dead Light”, “the whole lamp flashing false light” phenomenon.

 4. Security failure security issues also deserve serious attention: street lamp power supply no leakage protection, street lamp ballast quality is shoddy, the circuit breaker does not have the sensitivity test, the rated tripping current selection is too large, the use of cable metal skin for PE main Trunk line process is complex, low reliability, IP waterproof dustproof level is too low.

 5.Wholesale street light project exist harmful to the light source of material LED light source black is the major led companies often encounter problems. Most materials in a luminaire need to be checked for material that affects the life of the light source. The emergence of the above problems, the performance of LED Street lamp has a greater impact, and even lead to the early failure of LED street lights.

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