heat dissipation of led light shell

However, heat dissipation of led light shell according to the power size and use of the site, there will be different options. Now there are mainly the following methods of cooling: aluminum fins: This is the most common way of cooling, with aluminum fins as a part of the shell to increase the heat dissipation area.

Thermal conductive plastic shell: fill the plastic shell when injection molding material, increase the thermal conductivity of plastic shell, heat dissipation capacity.

Air hydrodynamics: Air hydrodynamics uses the shape of the lamp shell to create a convective air, which is the lowest cost of the enhanced heat dissipation method. Fan lamp housing with longevity and efficient fan to enhance heat dissipation: low cost, good effect.

But to change the fan is troublesome, also not suitable for outdoor, this design is relatively rare. Heat conduction heat pipe cooling technology: The heat pipe is used to guide heat pipe technology, the thermal led chip to the shell fins. In large led flood light, such as streetlights, this is a common design. Surface Radiation heat Treatment lamp shell surface to do radiation heat treatment: the simple is to smear radiation thermal paint, you can radiate heat from the surface of the lamp shell.

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