commercial lighting

Commercial lighting in home lighting, based on commercial space features, commercial lighting to attract more customers, increase visitor speed and on-site use of special lighting configurations. Commercial lighting must fulfill three basic functions. 

First, you must attract the customers attention through lighting. Secondly, you must allow customers to get enough light, properly assess the goods; 3. is a commercial spotlight that is to be provided to get comfort and adequate lighting. 

1. Attracting customers attention is photoropism of human creatures, when the light, the human eye is the lighting guide, to a place of easy movement. For example, Taiwan betel joint, through the flashing neon lights, attracts customers. But how in the commercial space attracts human attention through the lights and creates a space of layers and texture, this is a professional light designer’s knowledge. 

2. Provides plenty of light to allow the customer to be the right valuation by professionals of lighting designers, lighting involved in degrees, color temperature and explicit color, and angle lighting, configuration, select the product’s right and according to the environment Design, care of texture and texture can only be proved, so commercial space lighting is important of the subject is giving the right to light, avoiding effect customer on the raw material of cognitive.

Razorlux expert lighting consultants work together with architects, contractors, designers, property owners and end users to achieve the right commercial lighting plan for your office, store, or restaurant. With each new commercial lighting project, we create customized lighting designs based off of our wide selection and purchase of specific lighting products from the industry’s top manufacturers.

Razorlux has furnished lighting for offices, stores, and restaurants in Greater Boston and New England. We understand the special attention and requirements commercial lighting entails and we do everything possible to meet the design, budget and time constraints of each project.

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