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What Is Airport Lighting?

If you’ve been to any major airport at night, you may have noticed that there are a lot of different kinds of lights, ranging from flashing white or pulsating yellow to steady red and even blue. Airport lighting is important for aircraft operating at night, but why do we need so many types? And what do all the colors mean? Airport lights can be divided into different types: General airport lighting, taxiway lighting, runway lighting, and approach light systems. 

Airport lighting helps the pilot locate and define the runway and airport environment

Airport lighting is not continuous at airports with minimal traffic in order to save money when not in use

Runway edge lights, in-pavement lights, and sequence flashing lights may also have intensity controls which may be varied to meet the pilots request

Airport lighting may be either continuous or variable, depending on traffic/use

General airport lighting usually includes the airport beacon and any white or red beacon lights on top of towers, buildings, and construction equipment. The airport beacon is a large, powerful rotating light that’s highly visible from miles away. Public use airport beacons rotate green and white. Military airports rotate green and white but have two white lights for each green light, which differentiate them from civilian airports.

The navigational lighting system is one of the important links in the normal operation of the airport. It is an important visual aiding device to ensure the safety of the aircraft. It plays an important role in the approach and landing of the aircraft. The normal operation of the navigational lighting system is directly related to the safety of the aircraft’s take-off and landing. In view of the importance of the airport navigation light for the safety of the aircraft’s take-off and landing, the equipment must always be in normal working condition.

Airport lighting is very important for the launch of the aircraft, so it is not possible to make a sense. When the airport is doing energy-saving renovation, it is necessary to choose a reliable brand to do so, so that it is guaranteed to be responsible to consumers!

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