1000 watt led flood light

LED lighting is led by the power supply LED is ac220v, so the LED lamp voltage is ac220v as long as the scene has ac220v electricity can 1000 watt led flood light, estimated to be equivalent to 2 2-kilowatt metal halide lamp Of course I said the quality is good. If the poor quality of the LED brightness is very low to the quality of the brightness, rather than the power to set the brightness of low brightness, is energy saving and save money. Remember!!

In some special occasions in life, the common led can not reach the lighting requirements, but our lights are fully able to achieve the need for illumination. China 1000 watt led flood light of the applicable place is Airport,trainway,stadium,light Tower, Marine,golf field.

The use of unique patented technology, the same power, high power industry-leading, the highest brightness, the longest life, since the listing has sold more than 1000 sets.

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