High CRI LED Lighting Products

When buying LED lighting products there are more factors to consider as compared to when incandescent bulbs were the only technology in the market. One of those factors is the High CRI LED Lighting products measurement.

CRI in conjunction with Color Temperature is the best way to draw comparisons between different light sources. A common misconception is that color temperature and color rendering (CRI) both describes the same properties of the lamp.

400W LED Flood Light
400W LED Flood Light

This is not true. Color temperature describes the color appearance of the light source and the light emitted from it. Color rendering describes how well the light renders colors in various objects. However, the two are interconnected.

To compare the CRI ratings for any two given lamps, they must have the same color temperature for the comparison to have any meaning. The chart below shows the approximate color temperature and CRI ratings for each type of lamp. Always look on the bulb or ask the salesman for more exact ratings.

What is CRI LED Lighting?

Many specifications give particular emphasis to this Color Rending Index (CRI), which measures the capability of a light to correctly emit colors and resemble the natural color of sunlight. When an LED light has a CRI of more than 90, it is considered as a high CRI LED.

CRI is calculated as a value with a maximum possible score of 100. A CRI score of above 90 indicates that a light source will make objects seem very similar to how they would appear under natural lighting conditions. High CRI LED lighting products to tend to show more saturated colors than those products with less than 90 CRI, and are favored by many camera technicians during televised and broadcasting events, who considered High CRI LED lighting the fancier and premium LED sports lighting available nowadays.

For you to visualize the difference with different levels of CRI, you can refer to the picture below.


What is the Relationship Between CRI and Lumen?

As we mentioned above, the CRI hues and tonalities are more vivid and natural; nonetheless that vividness and pureness come at a cost. The higher the CRI gets, the faster the lumen output on a LED lamp drops. To give you further details, here is the amount of lumen you might expect to see drop when compared to a regular CRI 75:

CRI 80 -> -5%

CRI 85 -> -10%

CRI 90 -> -15%

CRI 95 -> -20%

Therefore, if your sports or industrial project requires CRI95, then you will have bought 20% additional power to maintain the standard lumen levels and to keep the calculated ground lux.

Outdoor Football Stadium Light
Outdoor Football Stadium Light

How Much Does It Cost to Have a Fixture with High CRI?

Here in Razorlux, if you need to have a fixture with CRI 95, we will charge, on average, 12% over the standard price of the LED Lamp. Although the charge might vary according to the power of the LED Lamp you buy (purchasing a 200 watt led flood light is different than a 1000w), and the quantity in question for a certain project.

For very high-profile league matches or stadiums with weekly HDTV or 4K broadcasting, high CRI LED 90 to 95, might be a requirement. However, most of the times, for standard level of playing (even on an average lux lever ground of 800 lux), high CRI LED sports fixtures will not be often used.

What Broadcasting and Sports Lighting Products can be Bought with High CRI LED?

Below are some of the products with high CRI LED that you should consider:

1. High CRI LED Panel Projector

swimming pool light-1
swimming pool light-3

The high CRI LED panel has a white, edge-lit design which makes it ideal for installation in grid ceilings for offices, schools, and hospitality, retail or other commercial buildings. The smooth modern look and high Color Rendering Index in LED panels allow the creation of a comfortable environment for your space. Therefore, you should consider high CRI LED panel for your ceiling for you to catch that great ambiance.

2. High CRI LED Light Bulbs and Flood Lights


Most CFL bulbs have CRI of about 80, and consumer LED lighting has not improved on that either. This gave an opportunity for manufacturers to come and introduce flood lighting that concentrated on color accuracy with 90+ CRI. In this manner, they could not only look like traditional light bulbs on the outer part but also start functioning like them on the inside. However, to ensure you get high CRI LED light bulbs, always check the lighting facts label of the product to know where it falls on the CRI scale. High CRI LED light bulbs adoption has recently increased due to the availability of more options and reduction in their prices.

3. CRI 95 and 98 LED Emitters Spotlights

CRI 95 and 98 LED emitters provide a no-compromise, high efficacy, full-spectrum high CRI solution. Providing 95 or 98 CRI, these emitters are well suited for a variety of applications demanding high color quality and performance and requiring high levels of lighting quality. These CRI 95 and 98 LED emitters are for those in search of high efficiency and accurate color reproduction.


The clean, beautiful and high CRI LED lighting products should be a must for your home or commercial places. The quality of these lighting products is evident by its high color rendering index which implies colors always remain true and natural.

Not only will warm and bright light intensify your home or commercial places interior and bring colors to life but the durability and longevity of these lighting products imply that you will change them less often. While the traditional exterior feels the same, the advanced high CRI LED technology inside is what set these products apart.

Additionally, the colors will remain true throughout the product lifetime, allowing you to enjoy the warm glow for years to come on your sports field and stadium lights, or any other broadcasting applications you have.

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