In terms of DLC, I believe that everyone will not be unfamiliar. So do you really understand dlc? Can you tell exactly what is DLC? Let me explain it to you.

On the topic of LED lighting and products, we often hear the term DesignLights Consortium (or DLC for short) brought up. But for those who are unaware of what exactly this ‘term’ means when listed next to a lighting product, this post is going to uncover what DLC really is, and why it is so important when making your decisions. 

What does DLC stand for?

The DesignLights Consortium™ (DLC) is dedicated to advancing the adoption of high-performance, energy efficient lighting solutions. The DLC qualifies commercial LED lighting products via their Qualified Products List (QPL), then works with utility companies in the U.S. and Canada to include DLC listed products in rebate and incentive programs across the country.

Most utility companies require fixtures to be DLC listed to qualify for rebates, which play a significant role in optimizing the cost effectiveness of a lighting project. A luminaire must meet category specific definitions and requirements in order to warrant a place on the DLC’s qualified product list (QPL).

The DesignLights Consortium (DLC) List for LED Lighting

Our previous post discussed the Lighting Facts Label and its aim to encourage LED light manufacturers to test products appropriately and report the specifications according to industry standards.  In this post, we’ll discuss the Designlights Consortium (DLC) listed products.

The DLC is a non-profit that brings together utility and lighting companies, state officials and other stakeholders to accelerate the adoption of energy efficient solutions and drive change in the lighting marketplace.  The DLC publishes the minimum technical requirements for a commercial LED lamp or fixture to be eligible to apply to be on the list.  The requirements include light output, efficiency, warranty length, lumen maintenance, and color rendering.

If a product meets the requirements, they LED manufacturer submits independent 3rd party test results, conducted by an accredited lab, to Lighting Facts, Light Maintenance test results, and other documents and test results to the DLC.  Upon approval, the light will appear on the DLC qualified product list.

Want to give it a test and see for yourself how this QPL works? Follow these simple steps: 

1. Visit https://www.designlights.org/QPL 
2. Type “MyLEDLightingGuide” in the ‘Search by Keyword’ box 
3. View all of our listed products, and you will notice the majority are listed as DLC Premium 

Using this database is extremely simple, and knowing what you are buying before you buy it is always the best way to make purchasing decisions everyone will gratify you for. But, what exactly does it even mean to be DLC listed in the first place? What does a product have to do to deserve being listed? 

We’ve found an extremely helpful link over on the official DLC website that go’s over everything you need to become listed, standard or premium. As you can see on the official DLC website, becoming DLC Premium is only for the most efficient and quality lighting products. 

 For more details, contact us at email: info@razorlux.com.


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