LED high bay light

LED high bay light is made of super bright LED white light as the light source, the shell is made of aluminum alloy (customer optional), the outer cover is made of high efficiency lens (customer optional), the heat dissipation is made of copper sheet heat conduction and aluminum alloy strip heat dissipation natural air circulation The heat dissipation is more perfect, and the shape of the LED will be changed continuously according to the different needs of customers. 

The power of LED high bay light is only 20% of that of sodium lamp, which is equivalent to 100W LED high bay lights can replace 250W sodium lamp, especially in line with the national “green low carbon” At present, LED industrial and mining lamps have a wide variety of shapes and shapes, but the common point is for industrial lighting.

Application of LED high bay light

Applicable to shipyards, mines, workshops, factories, warehouses, highway toll stations, gas stations, large supermarkets, exhibition halls, stadiums and other places where industrial and mining lighting is required.

In the energy consumption of the factory lighting energy consumption has a certain weight. For example, in a 40,000 square meter building, the lighting load is about 400 KW. Therefore, in the selection of factory lighting, how to achieve energy saving and environmental protection is an important issue for factory designers.

In addition to energy saving and environmental protection, the lighting fixture based on the new LED light source has the advantages of long life, fast response time and concentrated light and light. In recent years, it has been widely favored by consumers.

Folding LED lighting design key technology

New technologies, new materials and new processes are continuously applied to the design of high-power LED light sources, laying a solid foundation for the design of high-power LED lamps. Due to the large differences in the application products of LED light sources, their design, testing and other standards The introduction of the product has a certain lag, so the products produced by different manufacturers are poorly interchangeable in terms of structure and performance. At the same time, the LED lighting products themselves are an integration of factors such as machine, light and electricity, and their design is more involved. Technology in many fields.

With the advancement of science and technology, 500w led industrial and mining lights have brought fierce competition in the market, and energy-saving and environmentally-friendly lighting will be more and more popular.

According to industry analysts, under the tide of low-carbon economy, environmental protection lamps such as lamp strips will quickly occupy the lighting market. 500w led industrial and mining lights, talking about this word, there may be many friends do not know what, but everyone should have seen in normal life. Light strip, as its name suggests, its shape is like a long strap, like a rope, the difference is that the light strip can be illuminated, the lighting effect can be said to be beautiful.

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