LED high bay lights

Many factory’s light is gradually replaced by China 400 watt high bay lights, but buyers usually have a problem, led Miner’s lamp has any advantages? recommended by led mining manufacturers. Compared with the common miner’s lamp, are the LED high bay light parameters much higher?

  1. The first contrast, brightness we know the traditional metal halide lamp wholesale 400w high bay lights, and led miner’s lamp price difference is big, than the LED miner’s lamp low price. However, the light efficiency of wholesale 400 watt high bay light is relatively high. For example, 100W led high bay light illumination is equal to 250w metal halide lamp mining lights.
  2. The service life of the lamp is more than 8,000 hours, while the general high bay lights can reach 50,000 hours.
  3. More than environmental protection of metal halide lamps and some from traditional lighting will contain heavy metals, such as mercury. They pollute the environment very seriously. The LED light source is more environmentally friendly. belongs to the green Environmental protection light source.
  4. Finally, compared to the human health of the golden halide lamp will produce some infrared rays, ultraviolet light. Its luminous heat is large, and the air is dry. The LED high bay lights protects people’s glasses and is good for health. High bay LED lights last, on average, ten times longer than other lighting options, including CFL and fluorescent lights. They also emit virtually no heat. In addition to having safety advantages, less heat generated means less cooling costs for a facility.For more details, contact us at email: info@razorlux.com.

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