led sea port light

LED Port Light Source utilization rate is high, about 90%,led lamp luminous angle and lamp luminous angle can maintain consistent. 

Therefore, most of the light is directly exposed to the designated area, only a small part of the through reflection, so the use of high light source. Generally speaking, high pressure sodium lamp by trigger, ballast, quick plug, lamp mouth, tube 5 parts, the fault point is many, the damage frequency is high, and after the fault easily causes the illumination circuit power trip, affects the whole area the illumination.

This type of failure occurs almost every day in the job. At the same time, lighting demolition, installation, maintenance is high-altitude, work intensity and danger are larger. The use of LED port lights will not only reduce the maintenance frequency, but also improve the maintenance work and maintenance personnel safety. With the development of LED lighting technology, I believe that in the near future, in the beautiful harbor, can see more soft and comfortable led port lights.

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