led stadium lights

There are three ways to decorate the led stadium lights of the stadium, that is, the arrangement of the two sides lamp, the arrangement of the stars and the mixed arrangement. 

The starry Sky arrangement means that the lighting is evenly arranged over the field, which is suitable for low altitude illumination requirements of the training venues, there is a better uniformity, but the glare control is not good; the two sides of the light belt arrangement is located in the area outside the space to decorate two light belt, this arrangement is suitable for the high space venues, choose the appropriate lighting light form, and reasonable adjustment of the lamp projection aiming position, can be a good consideration of horizontal illumination, vertical illumination and illuminance uniformity, and can effectively control the glare.

 Mixed arrangement is the combination of the stars and the lamp with the lighting arrangement, suitable for both the competition and the health of the people of the stadium, can be a better consideration of the level of illumination, vertical illumination, but because of the lower illuminance mode and higher illuminance mode of stadium led lights layout usually can not be mutually balanced, in the actual project is not common.

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