beam angle for tennis court

When we talked about the led sports lighting for tennis court lightingfootball field lights or basketball lights, most of us will mention the led flood lights, but do you know which floodlights are suitable for you?

In the market, there are two types of beam angle for the tennis court lights, symmetrical ( 120°,90°,60°) and asymmetrical ( 80*150°, 15*60°, and 45*45°, etc).

When you installed the symmetrical floodlights, you need to install it like the following picture, and the lights will go in a different direction, and if you are watching the game at the site which installed such led floodlights, your eyes will feel uncomfortable, because parts of the light will come to your eyes directly.

But if you are using the LED flood lights, you can install it as the following picture, all the lights will go to the floor, and the right place. Letting the player have enough lights for gaming. What’s more, it minimizes the lighting pollution, friendly to the neighbor. And the audience can enjoy the game very comfortable.

Razorlux led lighting is a professional manufacturer producing the tennis court lighting, using Cree chip + Meanwell driver, with the angle 15*60 degree and 45*45 degree. They already have many successful projects in Canada and Iceland. Following please check the picture of one of the projects.

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