solution of badminton court lighting

Many arenas like to use the row of lights as the main lighting fixtures of the arena, mainly considering the low price of the row lights and the low installation cost. What is the best lighting solution of badminton court lighting? But is the actual installation really the case?

The badminton court is different from other arenas. It is strict with lighting and requires uniform lighting coordination. The average lighting intensity must meet the standard.

The row of lights is mainly installed in the sky over both sides of the arena, so that the lighting effect is easy to form the uneven lighting of the stadium, the brightness around the stadium to meet the standard, and the stadium central lighting light illumination is not enough, in front of the net before and after the ball, It is easy to misjudge the placement and flight trajectory of badminton.

Due to the lighting of the lights, the surrounding lights of the lights cannot reach, that is, we often say that the light is dark, and the uneven distribution of the stadium lights affects the play of badminton fans.

Therefore, for badminton courts, professional badminton court lighting fixtures should be installed to ensure that light standards can be achieved while also reducing stadium operating costs. So what kind of badminton field lamps replace the row lights?

A new type of lamp, badminton court led lighting can replace the row of lights as the lighting fixtures of the arena. First of all, the badminton court electrodeless lamp, there is no limit of electrodes and filaments, the light is soft and not dazzling, the installation on the stadium to ensure the empty space above the stadium, but also ensure that the stadium uniform illumination.

In addition, there are no filaments and electrodes, frequent opening and closing, will not burn due to overheating lamps, light decline is small, according to test statistics, non-polar lights in badminton courts can still be used basically five years or so, light decline is small; A row of lights will take about a year and the lamps will begin to turn black and yellow.

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