LED high bay lights

LED high bay light is alternative to the traditional high bay light energy efficiency analysis With the emergence of ultra-high brightness white LED light source, the application of lighting in the field has become possible.

According to the forecast of international authoritative agencies, the 21st century will enter the era of new lighting source represented by LED, which is called the fourth generation of new light source.

At present, the lighting consumption accounts for about 20% of the total power consumption, greatly reducing the lighting power is an important way to save energy. To achieve this goal, the industry has studied and developed a variety of energy-saving led high bay fixtures and achieved certain results.

However, far from being “green lighting”, it is imperative to develop and apply new light sources that are more efficient, reliable, safe and durable. LED with its inherent advantages are attracting the world’s attention. According to the prediction of the US Department of Energy, around the year 2010, 55% of the incandescent and fluorescent lamps in the United States will be replaced by LEDs, saving 35 billion U.S. dollars annually and forming a large-scale industry of 50 billion U.S. dollars. Japan proposed that LED replace traditional incandescent lamp on a large scale in 2006.

LED development history has been decades, but the application in the high bay lighting field is still new technology, but with the rapid development of LED technology, its luminous efficiency gradually increased, LED application market will be more extensive, especially in the global energy shortage concerns again In the context of rising LED, LED in the lighting market more and more attention to the global outlook, the industry believes the most optimistic about the investment market in the next 10 years and to replace the traditional light of the most promising new light source.

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