Difference Between Daylight and Bright White

1. The difference between the daylight color and the incandescent lamp color is because the light color is different, the daylight color is white light, and the incandescent light color is yellow light.

2. Light color is a kind of value in light that uses K (kevin) as the unit of calculation to indicate the color of light. The light color that is generally in contact with life is 2700K~6500K, and industrial lighting and special fields (such as car lighting) will use more than 7000K. Light source illumination.

2700K~3200K light color is yellow, 3200K~5000K light color is warm white, also known as “natural color”, while 5000K~6500K is called white light, and light color greater than 6500K is called cold light. For outdoor street lights, factory and car front and rear lighting. European and American families generally prefer to use yellow light. Yellow light sources are also widely used in store decoration, museums or galleries, etc., while Asia, especially in East Asia, prefer white light. White light sources can be used in large areas such as supermarkets, offices, hospitals and other public places. 

The incandescent lamp uses a tungsten wire. The tungsten wire has a large resistance. When it is energized, the light is radiated and the light is continuous. The spectrum is natural light, which is beneficial to vision protection, but it is relatively expensive.

The fluorescent lamp emits fluorescence after the gas in the lamp is energized. The heat is very small. The emitted light has a frequency. The spectrum is a single light, which is harmful to the eyes. The frequency of the eye protection lamp is generally 200 Hz, which is not harmful to the human eye. More energy efficient.

The difference between Philips incandescent and fluorescent colors:

Incandescent lamp: A source of thermal radiation that flows through an illuminator to illuminate it.

Fluorescent lamp: Put some special gas into the tube, and apply phosphor on the tube wall of the tube. After the power is turned on, it will generate light due to the discharge.

Although both can shine, but the fluorescent lamp can be better.

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