LED tunnel lighting

Many new people often do not distinguish between LED flood lights and LED tunnel lights different.Let us learn the following essay.

1. Press the installation site

2. According to the different light distribution

Of course, from a genre, the tunnel light is a kind of cast light, are mainly the function of projecting light in the wall.

Advanced method

In addition LED Tunnel Lights has four characteristics,

1. Degree of protection

LED tunnel light protection requirements are high, IP65 is standard, and preferably have a certain degree of shock resistance, because the vehicles of the past will cause some vibration to the wall of the tunnel lamp.

2 with light requirements

The general angle of LED flood light is smaller, and the best light distribution with tunnel bat light distribution is appropriate. Between the two tunnel lighting luminaires interval supplement, to avoid the dark area.

3. Adjust the angle

Tunnel lights must be adjustable angle bracket, for engineers in the tunnel light distribution to provide convenience, and the bracket is best not to cause damage to the structure of the tunnel wall.

Glass setting

Tunnel lamp glass cover can be opened for easy maintenance.

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