With more and more LED lighting fixtures being widely used, the use of fluorescent lamp PC shades is increasing. Now the mainstream shades should be PC-made fluorescent PC shades, compared with the traditional glass shades.

A fluorescent lamp PC lampshade is more advantageous because the glass lampshade is known to be easily broken. So what is the difference between transparency, stripes, and white in the PC cover of fluorescent lamps?

1000w led flood light
1000w led flood light

Transparent cover: As the name suggests, the transparent cover is a transparent PC lamp cover. The lamp made by this cover can see the lamp bead, which is very glaring and easy to stun, which is not in line with human requirements for light. The light transmission performance is good, and the light transmittance of 91% can be achieved.

Transparent stripe cover: This kind of cover is a translucent cover that can spread the light, but the light is not even enough, it will not be glaring, and the light transmittance is about 88%.

Diffusion stripe cover: Also known as a thick stripe cover, this case has a light transmittance of about 86%. The product made by this case does not seem to have a dark area, and the dark area is ingeniously avoided.

Milky white diffuser: This cover is also the cover used by most manufacturers on the market. The universal light transmittance of this PC lampshade is 83-85%; the light transmittance below 83 is the spot where the lamp bead is completely invisible.

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