200W led flood lights

The type of lighting is really very complicated, many people can not distinguish between wall washer and floodlight, the difference between wall washer and floodlight, do not be silly can not tell.

Difference Between Wall Washer Light And LED Floodlight

Spotlight is the light launch angle is relatively small. Can be considered functional lighting. Wall wash light is a floodlight, is used to illuminate the wall. Can be considered landscape lighting. Floodlights is a general term, light angle of 90 degrees rain can be called floodlights, the role is also very broad.

The most direct way to distinguish is shape.

Wash wall lights are mostly linear, and led outdoor flood light 150w are generally square, it can aim at any direction, you can change the angle. Wall wash lights are generally used for landscape lighting, such as lighting engineering, shopping malls and other panoramic lighting. The effect of lighting the wall light irradiation out of a bar of light, a plurality of wall wash together to form the wall was light washed the same, the surface is illuminated very obvious. The floodlight is a beam of light shines out, the irradiation interval, a larger area.

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