beam angle types

Poor quality LED products have a lot of harm.

mainly reflects in:

1, low quality LED flood lights will endanger the health of consumers. Poor quality LED products with cheap power, light shoddy shoddy, poor light effects, resulting in discomfort and reduce visual visibility of the visual conditions, long-term use, easy to make consumers’ eyesight decline;

2, low-quality LED flood lights will endanger the legitimate rights and interests of consumers. Consumers buy fake LED products, in case of problems, rights protection is quite difficult;

3, low-quality LED flood lights appear to be cheap, but the 600w led flood lights fades serious, no power, short life, not economical.

Therefore, in order to avoid selecting inferior LED lamps and lanterns, users should pay attention to check the packaging and trademark when choosing LED lamps and lanterns, should choose the trademark “R”, and the trademark, type, specifications and printing products are clear and beautiful. At the same time to see the appearance of LED lighting. Then focus on LED flood lighting parameters and performance.

LED products due to the lack of standards, many LED manufacturers opportunistic, but we also have a lot of tips in the purchase of LED lamps.

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