Illumination of Indoor Tennis Court Lighting

Indoor tennis courts lighting can generally be placed on both sides of the site,it is more suitable for the placement of straight fluorescent lamps or installation of high intensity gas discharge lamps (such as floodlight), can also be directly in the ceiling of the indoor installation of lamps, if the use of ceiling cloth lamp. This method of cloth lights need to be the roof for diffuse reflection or grille roof, Light shines on the ceiling and then through the ceiling light to achieve the lighting effect, this mode of illumination is not very economical.

For clubs, outdoor venues using light pole layout, especially the club and personal entertainment is different, because the club to hold a higher tennis competition, not only the site has a good lighting, but also require a certain height over the space to have enough brightness. Therefore, the club (formal competition) a single outdoor tennis court pole height to ensure that the bottom of the installation distance between the minimum light 12m; (two sites are 15m; three sites are 18m), while the average entertainment of a single tennis court, light pole height of at least 8m (two for 11m; three for 14m), The light pole is arranged on the outside of the sideline, each side can cloth 2 poles, can also set 3 poles (using led flood light). 

However, if there are multiple venues, do not install the poles between the two field. If the floodlight cannot be accurately targeted, or if the light intensity distribution is too wide, the illumination device can generate an energy loss glare outside the game field. At this point should pay attention to the use of glare measures or the selection of appropriate light beam angle lighting.  Want to know more details about the tennis court lighting design? Please check out at tennis court lighting design.

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