Installation Spacing of LED High Bay Light

30w LED high bay light recommended installation height: 3 m installation spacing: 10 to 15 m LED mining lamp 40 w recommended installation height: 4 m installation spacing: 

15-20 m 45 w LED mining lamp recommended installation height.

 5 m installation spacing: 15 to 18 m LED mining lamp recommended installation height.

50 w: 6 m installation spacing: 18 to 22 m LED mining lamp 55 w recommended installation height: 7 m installation spacing: 20-23 m LED mining lamp 60 w recommended installation height: 8 m installation spacing: 23 to 25 m.

1. LED high bay light and driving power supply must be installed in an open position, which is conducive to heat dissipation

2. Regularly clean the dust of LED high bay lights and driving power supply to ensure good heat dissipation.

One light at a distance of 4 to 6 meters is fine, and if you want to make it a little bit brighter, you press 4 meters which is 16 square meters per light, 80 times 100 divided by 16 is equal to 500 lights and if you don’t want to make it too bright, you press 6 meters which is equal to 36 square meters per light, 80 times 100 divided by 36 is equal to 222 lights.

Generally used in mines, warehouses and other places, that is, the need for long-term lighting, color index requirements are not high places. Good manufacturer this definition is not accurate, basically be to see your to product price fixed position, good material can give good product of course the assurance that takes quality.

High bay lights are mainly used in industrial plants, such as petroleum, chemical plants, workshops, power plants and other places with harsh environment and high requirements for lamps. The manufacturer of industrial and mineral lamp respect, can refer to a wave park science and technology illume, the product of their company has patent.

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