IP protection level

In the purchase of LED flood lights, often see the “IP protection level” This term, many  friends will not understand: What is the IP protection level? 

What is the meaning of different IP protection levels? The following love to answer this question. IP is the abbreviation of English ingress protection, the IP protection grade system was originally proposed by the International Electrotechnical Association IEC to obtain the safety protection system approved by most European countries, which provided an electrical equipment according to its packaging dustproof, The method of classifying electrical products by waterproof and collision-proof degree.

The IP protection level is composed of two digits, the 1th digit indicates the electrical appliance dustproof, prevents the foreign material intrusion the grade, the highest level is 6; the 2nd digit indicates the electric appliance to prevent moisture, the waterproof intrusion airtight degree, the highest level is 8. The table below is the specific level of protection represented by different numbers.

Take an LED lamp IP45 as an example, that the led flood light fixtures can prevent the diameter of more than 1.0mm solid material intrusion, and can prevent any direction directly from the water injection without causing damage. 

In short, the IP protection level is the electrical appliances according to its dustproof and waterproof characteristics of grading, is the expression of electrical equipment protection safety performance of important indicators. After the introduction, friends in the purchase of LED lamps and other electrical products can be based on different installation environment and needs to select the appropriate level of IP protection products.

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