Outdoor Basketball Field Lighting Collocation

Outdoor basketball court lighting configuration methods are two main types: economical 4 pole basketball court lighting configuration and standard 6 pole basketball court lighting configuration. Lighting can choose to use traditional high-intensity halogen lamps and LED energy-saving lamps, different lamps with the type also determines the number of poles installed, the general high illumination of metal halide lamps, a wide range of irradiation, the choice of 4 poles to configure ; And low light LED lighting, light is relatively soft, suitable for the choice of 6 poles to be configured, each pole mounted on the lamp 2 can be.

7-meter cone lamppost: 60-70mm diameter, 142-165mm diameter, wall thickness 3.0mm, the overall use of hot dip galvanized lamp, which can effectively extend the life of the lamp to 20-30 years.

Metal Halide Lamps: Metal Halide Use 250W-400W power, the normal life of 13432-175918 (hours).

LED lamps: usually choose integrated 100W-250W led outdoor flood lights, the service life of 18576-230027 (hours)

Pole embedded parts: embedded parts Pole installation essential one of the accessories, the use of embedded installation of poles with a secure, wind-resistant performance, easy maintenance advantages

Lamp bracket: lamp bracket can be installed according to the number of lamps to determine, the general use of internal or external design.

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